February Family Date x Lunch at Chili’s Alabang

A few weeks ago, my Little Troublemaker was confined because of a really bad asthma attack on New Year’s Eve. I’ve been very careful not to expose him to smoke or let him run around too much – anything that can trigger a cough, until he was done with his medication.

Because of this I couldn’t take him out or bring him to Fun Ranch, and though we always have fun just being at home, I missed spending weekends out with him and my husband. After he completed his medication his breathing improved drastically but he had to continue with his maintenance so that his respiratory system would not be prone to colds and cough after his recovery. But because he was already healthy enough to run about, my husband and I decided to take him out with us one Sunday – to hear Mass and enjoy a meal together.

We arrived too early for the Mass at St. Jerome Emiliani Parish, so we decided to take a stroll and try to get the Little Troublemaker to take a nap because he might get impatient at the Church.

We brought him to Alabang Town Center and had him go on some rides until he was sleepy, he usually takes a nap before lunch time.




Our plan failed miserably, because this kid was too excited to take a nap! We ended up missing the Mass so we decided to have lunch instead.


6 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Wife

Paper heart and cupid cut outs adorning store displays . Roses and bouquets in flower stands. Ridiculously large teddy bears.

You guessed it – Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.

6 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Your Wife I thecluelessmomph.com

I’m guessing you’re here because you’re looking for gift ideas for your wife. Though it might have made more sense for me to make a list for gift ideas for husbands, I reckon that moms like me already have that pretty much figured out. Let me be honest and say that I’m not a “gift expert”, but I’ve had my fair share of good and bad Valentine’s Day gifts. With that said I’d like to think that I have a decent sense of what works and what doesn’t, plus I’ve heard a LOT of Valentine’s Day horror stories from friends and relatives. (more…)

Mourning for the Fallen 44

Last Sunday, 44 families lost sons, brothers, and husbands who sacrificed their lives for our country in the recent Maguinadano clash. I will never understand the grief of these families, not even an ounce of their pain. It is beyond words. I join them in mourning for their loved ones and praying for their souls.


I was saddened by the news itself, but when I saw photos of families crying beside caskets, especially children, I just lost it. May the truth prevail and justice be served.


Let us continue to pray for these brave souls and their families, that they may all find peace and healing with God.

10 Free Printable Planners for 2015

One of my resolutions for 2015 is to get organized.

cover image


Last year, I bought myself a generic planner and tried to use that to track everything – from bills to shopping lists and to-do-lists to party plans. It did not go well. Not only did I end up neglecting my planner halfway through the year, but all my notes were over the place and I was nowhere near organized.

This is where I realized two things:

1. I need a “pretty” planner  – nice enough for me not to forget about, unlike that plain black planner I bought from a bookstore that disappeared somewhere in our house

2. I need pages that are specific to certain tasks/topics – budgeting, meal planning, etc. (more…)

Overcoming Our Not-So-Happy New Year

I originally wanted to write about something happy for my first blog post of 2015. I planned to share my goals and aspirations for myself and my family, yet on the first day of the New Year, the unexpected happened – we had to rush Ethan to the hospital.

hf_inthewoods_patterns (9)

After our New Year celebration, Ethan wouldn’t stop coughing – it was really bad. His breathing was labored and we could hear him wheezing. Though I knew how he must have felt being an asthma sufferer myself, I could not imagine how much more difficult it was for an 18 month old to struggle to breathe. We tried nebulizing several times but it was no good. Convinced that his condition was only getting worse, we rushed him to the Emergency Room of Asian Hospital and Medical Center. The ER doctor tried giving him a stronger dose of nebules, but he did not improve at all. When his pediatrician arrived, we were advised to admit him because he needed medication that could only be delivered intravenously. It was so painful so see him crying while they were attaching the IV, I had to help hold him down and he was giving me this look which was asking me to make them stop. Ugh, I don’t want to remember that anymore. (more…)