Experiencing our Son’s Development as a Progressive Mom

Just a few months ago, our Little Troublemaker turned three! Oh where did the time go?


When he turned two last year, I became more aware of his development mainly because people would ask me if he’s talking yet, if he knows how to feed himself, or if he can go potty on his own. Talk about pressure! Being a first-time mom (and a clueless one at that), I thought these things would come naturally to children with a bit of guidance from a parent. I’ve never been so wrong in my life! I realized it would take a lot of effort, support and patience to get my son through these stages. Since then, I’ve worked on getting more involved in my son’s development and becoming a progressive mom.


We were worried that he was still not talking at 2 years and 4 months, especially when his paediatrician told us he should have learned more than 100 words by that age. We kept thinking, “Isn’t that impossible for a two year old?”. Lo and behold, in a matter of weeks his brain went on overdrive and he learned the alphabet, counting, and a lot of basic words and songs in just one month! How did we achieve this? He was like a sponge at the time, we helped him by encouraging him by talking to him a lot, repeatedly singing him songs, watching videos with him, reading books and other activities like flash cards and puzzles.


Since he turned three, we noticed a lot of progress in his development. I did my best to stay on top of his growth, and he in turn was more than willing to take on new experiences and learn new things. He was not a big fan of arts and crafts before, but he now spends a lot of time painting, drawing and playing with clay. He has also shown an interest in astronomy. Would you believe that he can now identify all eight planets of the Solar System? I couldn’t believe my ears the first time I heard him read them out as he flipped through his book. His favourite planet is Saturn!


We also realized that he is a musical learner. He can easily learn new things through songs. I was able to teach him to clean up his toys and put on his clothes by making up songs about them! Sometimes we pick up the ukulele and sing songs together as a family.


We’ve recently enrolled him at an early learning center, so he can socialize with other children and learn routines in preparation for “big school”. In the process, his teachers are helping him with other aspects of his development. They tell me he’s getting along well and participates in class activities.


I couldn’t be happier about our Little Troublemaker’s progress so far. Witnessing his growth and development over the past few years has made me proud of my decision to quit my previous job and work from home. Looking back, I guess I consider it my first personal step towards becoming a progressive mom for our Little Troublemaker. I was so glad to be able to spend all my time with him and be there for playtime, afternoon naps, baths and so much more. However, I’ve come to the realization that working from home can only go so far. It worries me when I think of how he’s growing up too fast and I won’t be there for him all the time – like when he starts “big school” next year! Yes, I am excited about it, but worried at the same time (please tell me I’m not the only one!). Although I know it would be good for him to have all kinds of experiences, good and bad – I want him to come out stronger from all of them, despite getting hurt once in a while. With this in mind, I’ve made it my personal goal to prepare him well for the big world.


Seeing how our Little Troublemaker has become more curious of everything and anything. It is important that we bump up his nutrition so he can welcome all the new experiences that come his way. As a growing boy, the right food won’t cut it! We cook food to nourish him but we can’t avoid overcooking sometimes, and in the process it can destroy natural ingredients.

Now that he’s three, Friso Four is the right milk for the job. Friso Four is known for its brand heritage of marrying nature and science with its grass-to-glass and single-process treatment of milk.


Friso Four uses LockNutri, a way of preserving the natural structure of protein without over-heating, making it easy to digest.

Friso Four takes the best of nature and science. From its farms, cows are nurtured with extra care to get top quality milk. Scientists make the most of this natural goodness with a special process that locks in milk’s nutrients. It helps your child to get the right building blocks to be strong from the inside – allowing him to take on every experience.


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As a progressive mom, how do you prepare your child for the challenges and experiences that await him?


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